My name is Brian Kroshus, North Dakota Public Service Commissioner.

After an extensive and successful private-sector career, I had the distinct honor of being appointed to the Public Service Commission by Governor Doug Burgum. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you, the citizens that make our great state such an incredible place to live, work and raise families.

The reason I chose to enter public service, is simply that I have a deep and sincere desire to help preserve the principles that make North Dakota an incredible place to call home. Like many North Dakotans, I believe in limited, effective government that empowers people, conservative values and the need to apply those ideals to how government works.

While we're fortunate to live in a state rich in natural resources, it's critical to manage those resources in a responsible way, one that drives long-term economic growth and creates new job opportunities, balanced with environmental stewardship.   

My faith, agricultural upbringing, extensive private-sector background and perspective as a western North Dakota landowner are guiding principles I use each and every day.

I look forward to working for and serving you in the best possible way and together, building a stronger North Dakota!