• Responsible Infrastructure Development

  • Reliable and Affordable Energy

  • Fiscally Responsible Government

  • Exceptional Environmental Stewardship

Brian is honored to serve the citizens of North Dakota, representing them in the best way possible each and every day. 

Brian is a strong, proven leader. Over the course of a 30-year career in the private sector, he successfully led numerous businesses organizations and was consistently recognized for operational excellence and leading by example.

As a landowner and conservationist, Brian has a deep appreciation for the land and need to balance responsible infrastructure development that supports economic growth, with environment stewardship and respect for private property rights. 

Brian realizes the importance of safe, reliable and affordable energy for all North Dakota citizens. He will always look out for and be a champion for consumer interests.

As your Public Service Commissioner, Brian believes in limited government and a "people first" approach. Listening to those he serves and acting on their behalf, consistent with their beliefs, is a top priority for him. 

Brian has a proven record of effectively managed large, multi-million dollar budgets in both periods of economic prosperity and challenging times. He understands the importance of remaining fiscally responsible, making sound decisions, listening to his constituents and always being an exceptional steward of tax-payer funds.